When your distribution operation requires assembling multiple products into product kits, SourceSelect warehouse kitting services comes handy. For your products which are not ready to ship when they arrive at our facility, SourceSelect is fully equipped to perform a wide range of assembling, kitting, packaging and collating activities. We have extensive experience creating multi-packs, promotion kits and other product kits for some of the fastest growing Silicon Valley companies. We operate in a secure facility dedicated to contract manufacturing, kit packing, and warehousing.

At SouceSelect your products are picked and packed in sync with business requirements to ensure orders are fulfilled in a timely manner. Depending on your needs we can assemble more or fewer products with added flexibility around the holidays.

SourceSelect can also provide special services tailored to your needs

  •  Collating and Kitting
  • Breaking Bulk Material and kit packing for distribution.
  •  Shrink Wrapping Services.
  •  Light Assembly
  •  Re-labeling

SourceSelect Assembly and Kitting Services help you with following benefits

  • Minimize your inventory by finalizing product kits just before delivery.
  • Breaking Bulk Material and kit packing for distribution.
  • Respond efficiently and economically to changing
  • Fulfil individual consumer orders accurately as per the requirements.

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