SourceSelect makes it easy to streamline your material movement by coordinating with your suppliers to receive all components for your product line whether based in the United States or anywhere across the globe. We can even source materials for your product and reduce your overall procurement costs.

Source select has its own established supplier networks and industry knows how but can also work with your preferred suppliers and partners. Procurement is the first phase of the supply chain, and we prefer to start off on the right foot by garnering the most favorable solution for your Direct/Product Related and Indirect/Non-Product Related Procurement needs. The process involves more than just the purchasing of materials/goods/services. Typically it is purchasing or acquiring of materials at the right quantity, desirable quality and for the best price. Materials must and will be from a trusted source and delivered for use at the optimal time. The process also involves procurement strategy, selection of suppliers and supplier networks and preparation and management of contracts.

 Vendor Selection:

  • We can research, identify and present the most favorable vendor from both within and outside our supplier network.

Vendor evaluation:

  • When one or more suitable suppliers have been identified, request for quotations, proposals and information will be obtained from each and compared.

Vendor assessment:

  •  We thoroughly assess identified vendors for their capability to deliver promised products and services, sustain finances and operations..

Negotiations and Contract:

  •  After negotiations, price, availability, customization possibilities and delivery schedules are established and a contract to acquire the product/service is created.


  •  Receiver preparation, delivery, and payment for the product/service are completed, based on contract terms.

Vendor performance appraisal:

  • During this phase, we evaluate the performance of the product/service as they are consumed.


  • When the contract expires or the product/service needs to be re-ordered, company experience with both the goods and the supplier are reviewed. If satisfied the re-order is placed, else we begin the search for other product/services and suppliers once again.