Our Process

A successful supply chain strategy requires factoring in nature of your products, lifecycle of industry, business strategy and customer aptitudes to enable sustainable customer delight. SourceSelect takes a closer look at your unique business needs to craft and establish a supply chain which helps you succeed in earning higher customer retentions over our competitors. SourceSelect locates and moves your inventory and products across factory, warehouses and distribution centres using its strategic infrastructure and freight partners in a way that optimizes your unit delivery cost and eliminates the need of any capital investment at any time.

Our process binds infrastructure, people, systems and communication together to make this flow work seamlessly. May it be moving your product inventory from factory to a warehouse, or fulfilling orders to deliver products at customer to the doorstep of your customer SourceSelect administers and manages a set of complex activities required at each step. When your product moves a careful choice of freight partner is made, when a moves across countries legal compliances such as customers, imports and more are taken care of.


We take a closer look at

  • Your market – demand trends
  • Customer needs – order frequency and volume
  • Your business model – B2C versus B2B
  • Your product portfolio – Single SKU versus Multiple SKUs

To establish an optimal supply chain strategy for your business needs.

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