Our Philosophy

Years of experience in business have gifted us a virtue of keeping the heart of your supply chain in place, we have learnt the deeper secrets of instituting an unfailing reliability and enduring flexibility in our operations. Below are the four areas which we emphasize while delivering our supply chain fulfilment promise to our customers.

We believe that at the heart of a fulfilment solution lies following core practices:


SourceSelect believes that customer service improves as the initial order fill rate improves, and the cost of operations declines with avoiding damaged, missed or unavailable inventory events. Efficient warehouse and inventory management system removes barriers to productivity enhance our ability to serve our customers.


Employee turnover is expensive. Employers need to tell employees what is expected and give them feedback, and to create a work culture that makes people want to stay. Most people want to know how they are doing and to be part of a team.


Many consumer businesses are heavily dependent on the Oct-Dec holiday period to produce majority of their sales and profits. Customers have been buying closer to the holidays causing sales spikes. At SourceSelect we hire and train seasonal workers not only for managing disruption free throughput during higher peaks but also for shorter periods. We work closely with skills of both our full time staff and part-time workers throughout the year and ensure that adequate incentive and rewards are in place for full timers to stay with us and part timers to come back. We also create temporary managers and management structures to get through the peak order fulfilment period.

Upstream Value Add

SourceSelect optimizes your supply chain by offering value add services and in simple words do as much as possible for you. We can manage activities such as marking, packaging, color/size sortation, and QA. Such an ownership of our vital to business activities helps you in pushing quality assurance up your supply chain, catching and correcting errors while a product is still upstream. Moreover we do it at less cost and move your products more quickly.

Not sure which solution fits your business needs?