Our added capabilities

Logistics is what we do and what we are good at. SourceSelect leverages most current best practices in Industry to manage its operations and continually reviews and enhances its capabilities to stay up to the mark with key performance indicators.

Shipping Discounts

  • We have strong partnerships which allows us to obtain volume discounts from major shipping carriers (FedEx, UPS, DHL and USPS).

Returns Management

  • The returns process is a way to earn a customer WOW! (“They did not ship what I ordered”) into a positive (“They quickly corrected the misdirected shipment and re-shipped me the right product in no time”). We manage returns for you.

Advanced Order Fulfillment

  • Beyond the basics, your unique order fulfilment requirements might include serial number capture, custom labels, FIFO/LIFO management of stock. You may be limited in the number of firms that offer such services and therefore in less of a position to bargain.

Kitting and Assembly

  • Creation of product kits by assembling the main unit with accessory parts and creating custom packaged products for shipping. The specific demands of your product may require certain equipment, processes, and expertise.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

  • We create and manage retailer relationships for exchanging order information such as invoices, shipping forms, and other documents with our customers using diverse systems along with Ready-to-use standard reports.

Ready-to-use standard reports

  • Customizable report builder, using real-time data and a ‘self service’ approach
  • KPI reports measure service providers’ and suppliers’ performance
  • Role-based access management to ensure the right information is available to staff at different levels: e.g. Factory, Buyer, Vendor, End-user
  • Reports using dates and metrics up to SKU level
  • On-line report processing as data feed or for further analysis in MS Office software
  • Scheduled reports at the times or intervals you specify
  • Easily saved and shared reports

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