Behind the  Scenes

As your own partner organization SourceSelect looks after every vital link of your supply chain with great care and efficiency. While you focus on your core strengths to drive business growth we manage seamless movement of your inventory and products across the supply chain from factories to customers. Some but not all such activities which may not visible to you but we indulge in can be:

  • Maintaining inventory.
  • Responding to a sales order to determine availability and location in inventory.
  • Confirming pricing.
  • Configuring the order (if there is more than one piece or product).
  • Booking the order (placing a request into the inventory system for what is ordered).
  • Acknowledging and confirming the order is booked.
  • Invoicing/billing the customer.
  • Determining the shipping address where the item will be sent.
  • Sourcing the order – determining which facility to ship it from.
  • Determining which carrier will be used to ship the item.
  • Issuing order changes initiated by the customer after-the-sale, substituting for pieces no longer in inventory, or updating the order with newer pieces in inventory.
  • Processing the order – the physical picking and packing of the order at a warehouse or distribution center.
  • Shipping the order, which may go directly to the customer or to one or more distribution points?
  • Delivering the order to the customer.
  • Settling, receiving, and processing payment for the received order.
  • Handling returns of unacceptable or damaged goods by either refilling the order or refunding the customer.
  • Updating inventory.

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